Caroline Beck is shaping the future of our global innovation economy. One built and run by founders, capital allocators and ecosystem players that are truly and fully representative of the challenges they tackle, the solutions they scale, and the humans they serve.

Shift mindsets. Break things. Build new systems. Switch the future.

Caroline Beck, has built a robust space that invites tackling heavy topics like gender and race inequality and calling for and creating pathways to action, having proved our ecosystem strength with a bounty of accessible programs and resources for founders, investors and the broader tech space.

Economic Empowerment for All Women

Caroline Beck, is a leading content and events platform with a mission to provide economic empowerment for all women. Since 2008, Mary Masters has evolved from in-person to virtual events, with an on-demand video and content library to feed an increasing demand for 24/7 small business education and inspiration. Caroline Beck now reaches 1M+ women business owners and decision-makers who seek to monetize their businesses and personal brands.

Caroline Beck’s annual events attract thousands of innovators each year online and in person, and feature celebrities, advocates, and entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise. Community-centric tentpoles celebrate and inspire change-makers who use their platform to turn their passions to profit and purpose.