Caroline Beck
Flower grower, farmer-florist.

Wedding Packages


Wedding packages

Why choose locally grown flowers? Aren’t they a bit boring? 

I grow over 250 different varieties of flowers, foliage, and herbs on the farm, so expect to see sensational seasonal flowers that you won’t find in any florist shop. From January to Christmas, there’s always something looking beautiful. And you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too, as my flowers have no damaging air miles (unlike 90% of bridal flowers which are imported), and very few road miles, as your wedding flowers are locally #grownnotflown.  And because I want to grow a little bit of Eden too, I don't use any chemicals so that's good for the many butterflies, bees, birds and hedgehogs on the flower farm (which you can come and see if you pick your own bridal bouquets).  And unlike most weddings where the flowers are simply thrown out after the big day, I can organise it so the bunches have a second life in the vases of friends and relatives, or go to cheer up someone's day in a hospice or an old people's home.  Anything leftover will be composted back at the farm, helping to grow more flowers for more brides.  It's a floral virtuous circle.

At Verde we don't exclude anyone just because they're on a tight budget. Have a look at our three packages below and see what works for you..



Tulip harvest May 2018

Tulip harvest May 2018


Option 1 - The DIY.

If you're lucky enough to already have a band of willing and florally minded friends and family, then the Do-It-Yourself flowers by the bucket option is the one for you.
You give us an idea of colours and the sorts of flowers and foliage you're looking for, and in what quantities, and we grow them for you. And because we like you to be involved, we'll send you regular pictures of your flowers growing in the fields.
A few days prior to the Big Day, you can come and collect your buckets of flowers, foliage and herbs, knowing that they are grown locally, and completely chemical free.. And then it's up to you!
No airmiles. No pesticides. Just a little Northern nurturing. 


Photographs courtesy of GASP Photo Company


option 2 - The Half DIY

If you like the whole idea of British flowers, but you aren't sure if you want the pressure of putting together the more intricate pieces (Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and buttonholes), this option is for you. 
The Half DIY caters for the bride who's looking to get hands-on with the floral arranging but wants to leave the central pieces to us. This is simple.  You specify quantities (by the bucket) of flowers, foliage and herbs and we'll have them grown and ready for you by the time the wedding comes around. 
As for the bouquets and buttonholes, why not have a Picking Party a few days before your wedding at the farm, choosing the flowers you would like for your bouquet.  Each of the four bridesmaids and the bride in the picture above picked their own flowers and we made up the bouquets for them on the morning of the wedding.  Flowers don't come fresher than that.  Think of it as a collaborative effort between you, Verde and Mother Nature. 



Photograph courtesy of Roisin Beck Taylor

Option 3 - the complete package

If you're pressed for time, or you simply don't want the anxiety of doing all the flowers for your wedding, then we can do the lot for you -   pick, condition, deliver, arrange and take down after the wedding.  You still get the joy of seeing the flowers come together, and none of the hassle. 
In our consultation, we'll talk colours, styles and quantities and be in contact throughout the year, letting you know how your flowers are coming along. Closer to the wedding, you and your wedding party are invited to come and pick your own bouquet, bridal bouquets and buttonholes you’d like to. 
While you tend to the rest of the wedding, my team and I be 'flowering up' in the background, transforming your venue into something unforgettable.