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“Can I really pick anything I like for my bouquet?” That’s the question I’m most often asked by brides, usually accompanied by a slightly surprised look when I hand them a bucket, some snips, and say “Yes, absolutely anything”. My brides have a deep connection with flowers. They want to be involved in the choosing, the style and often the picking (and sometimes they come to the farm and just see what’s growing). They rarely want just white flowers, and the environmental credentials such as very few air miles, no pesticides and herbicides and an ethos of always growing wildlife friendly flowers are important to them. This year I’ve made a big effort to cut down on any kind of packaging and plastic too so the carbon footprint of my flowers is about 10% of imported flowers.

I grow on a friend's farm near Durham on a little under an acre, mostly from seed or cuttings, without using any chemicals.  The flowers are picked a few days before your wedding, conditioned overnight on the farm and then ready for your Big Day.  And because I grow everything I use, the price I quote you will be the price you pay, because I don't ever use imported flowers.

If you'd like me to grow flowers for your wedding or event, I offer a range of options: from a bespoke service where we discuss the flowers you might like, and I grow them for you; a 'Picking Party' down at the flower farm with friends a few days before the big event, or a fun DIY wedding where I supply buckets of freshly cut, seasonal flowers for you to arrange with friends and family as you wish. Take a look over some of the options I offer below.


What our brides (and their mums) say…

"We loved working with you, from start to finish. We knew instantly that you 'got' our vision for the wedding, trusted you completely, and sure enough the flowers could not have been better. Those sunny Friday afternoon hours with our impromptu florist shop beneath the colonnade will live long in the memory."  Tom and Vanessa (East Harsley)

“Words can’t express our thanks for your beautiful flowers provided for Mary’s wedding. As they all walked from the woods at the beginning of the ceremony it was stunning. We had many comments about the archway you created and we enjoyed relaying our image of you both in the pouring rain on Friday putting it up. Devotion to duty!.” Nicola, mother of the bride (Durham)

“Caroline immediately got what we wanted when we first met her and we trusted her judgement 100%. My bridesmaids and I had an unforgettable evening in the company of Caroline picking our bouquets before the wedding. A glass or two of prosecco also helped us along. That night made the whole experience. Having the bridesmaids pick their own bouquet was perfect as they each put together something that suited their personality but still fitted together beautifully as they stood side by side with me. This time was precious on the lead up to the wedding so we could take a step back and enjoy the process rather than getting caught up in the whirl wind that it can be. I could not recommend Caroline enough. She assured me when we met that it would be sunny in September and she would have an abundance of sweet peas. She didn't disappoint with either.” Jen and Tom (Northumberland)

“I can honestly say that the whole 'flowers' part of the wedding was probably the least stressful and most enjoyable part. Caroline is absolutely brilliant and I trusted her completely. I was a totally laidback bride and really left it to Caroline as I knew that we were on the same page and she knew exactly what I wanted. The process was so easy and really lovely, we popped down to the farm where Caroline grows her flowers and had a walk around and identified the flowers we liked the look of, and had a general colour scheme, but beyond that Caroline did more or less everything.” Jess and Andrew (Durham)

“Just wanted to say how thrilled I was with the flowers! They were absolutely perfect! I nearly cried just seeing them. The little girls posies were just gorgeous and that bouquet! My goodness it was just incredible. They were just beyond perfect! Thank you so much it made my day having such beautiful flowers and knowing they've been lovingly grown by hand.” Jess and Jonny (Masham, North Yorkshire)


The Verde Team



Caroline is the dungaree wearing, flower growing, life and soul of Verde flowers. Often found with dirty hands, packets of seeds spilling from every available pocket and a cup of milky tea nearby, Caroline is the floral companion every florist or bride needs. Always making sure her team is supplied with tea, biscuits and secateurs in all seasons, she provides her clients with the most beautiful seasonal British grown flowers from the one acre plot.

With a 20+ year career in garden writing and growing, she likes to think the double-decade apprenticeship has served her well in her quest to bring British flowers to the people. Using nothing but hard-won knowledge, a philosophical approach to the northern weather and a whole load of floral know-how, you can rest assured that your flowers are not only exquisite, but pesticide and air-mile free.



Our deerhound, resident rabbit catcher and flaneur. To be found in all weathers accompanying Caroline out in the field or (occasionally) at a wedding.


Dress maker and anthropologist, perpetually in earth tones and Doc Martens, Roisin likes to think she brings a certain level of enthusiastic eccentricity to the team. During the wedding season she can be found in all weathers picking hundreds of flowers on the farm to order, thinking about new foliage for installations, shimmying up ladders to suspend flowers from the rafters, building archways from woven hazel, and making sure everyone is supplied with food and coffee. She’s also a dab hand with buttonholes and bouquets

She claims she rarely cuts her hands with secateurs (often giving Caroline a heart attack when she does).

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